Disappearance of hiker Esther Dingley: bones discovered in the Pyrenees

She has been missing since Sunday, November 22, when she posted a last message to her relatives via WhatsApp. That day, the young woman had to make a loop around the Pic de Safeguard (2,738 m) “between Spain (where his car was parked) and France, spending a night at the Bénasque refuge “. It was his companion, who remained in France, who, having no more news, had given the alert on Wednesday, November 25 to the Spanish authorities.

Almost nine months after the incident and while a search notice was issued by the gendarmerie this fall, British hiker Esther Dingley, 37, may have been found. It is a hiker who discovered Thursday, July 22, near the places where it had been located before volatilizing, bones that could be those of the victim.

Last fall, significant research capabilities were deployed on both sides of the border. From the information transmitted by the Guardia Civil, the PGHM (High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon) of Luchon, associated with soldiers from the Luchon Mountain Gendarmerie Group, as well as the Mountain CRS, had squared, with the help of a helicopter, the area the hiker is expected to be in. In vain.

The results of the analyzes should be known in the coming days, but according to Spanish radio Huesca, “the skull could correspond to that of Esther Dingley in particular because of the color and the length of the hair”.

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