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Disappearance of Tiphaine Véron: new inconclusive research

Research conducted in recent days in Japan to try to find clues about the disappearance in July 2018 of French Tiphaine Veron in the region of Nikko (north-east) have not given anything, said Saturday his family.

French experts accompanied Damien and Sybille Véron, brother and sisters of Tiphaine, to browse the forest on the mountainside and to probe the river in which she could have fallen.

"We spent seven days on the ground. We did not find anything significant. We can not say that the track of the river is completely removed, but at least the doubts are raised on certain areas since the specialists treated them in full with the necessary means, "said Damien Véron.

Three appointments with police on site

"One keeps hope, however, that Tiphaine can still be alive somewhere. We continue to fight, "he added, noting that the fact that he had not found any evidence in the stream was further weakening the accidental trail and reinforcing the criminal track, even though there yet no concrete evidence has been detected.

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Damien and Sybille Véron, who carried out this mission with helpers from Moutain Medic Events, had three appointments in one week with the police on the spot, which did not carry out new research for lack of concrete leads to to explore.

The family is already thinking of going back to Japan once again to investigate and hopes that the Japanese police will in the meantime carry out the promised investigations with dogs near earthmovers spotted in the area.

Research made difficult by its nationality

Tiphaine Véron, a resident of Poitiers in western France, has not been seen since the morning of July 29, 2018, when she left her hotel in Nikko, where she had arrived the day before, to go for a ride, leaving in his room his suitcase and his passport.

Immediate research in the surrounding mountains and the nearby river brought nothing, nor did the few testimonies collected.

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The fact that it is a foreign tourist makes it much more difficult to obtain from the operators of the data of mobile telecommunications and geographic location going hand in hand.


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