Discarded a suspected case of coronavirus in a health care professional

It was early in the afternoon of this Friday, as confirmed by the Municipality to Infoeme. It is a case that had had close contact with the health professional infected by COVID-19. In this sense, from the commune insisted on informed by the official channels by the municipality.

At the beginning of the afternoon of this Friday, and after performing the swabs corresponding, it ruled out a suspected case of coronavirus in a Health care professional, as confirmed by the Municipality to Infoeme.

It should be noted that this case suspect has a relationship with the health professional that yielded a positive COVID-19 and the mayor announced in a press conference last Wednesday. It was a “close contact”.

This gives ground, finally, some rumors that have emerged in the last few hours with respect to a possible “positive” of this health care worker that generated by concern for their professional activity.

In this sense, the Municipality asked strongly to the olavarrienses that are reported through the official channels of communication that has the commune. In the afternoon, on the other hand, will be issued daily report on COVID-19, with more details about the health situation in the Party of Olavarria.


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