Discards Herrera dropped on the flight


For Miguel Herrera, the Eagles are not flying low.
After the draw against Monterrey, the louse ruled out that America is going through a football downturn and that this in turn affects the league classification.
“Which one down? Well, if we do not put it in We were superior to Monterrey in all aspects, if they are left with 10 men it is because they kick the child (Diego Lainez), those are circumstances, but the team played a great game. If you do not get the goals are circumstances, but down we are not, this is the Monterrey, last season said that Monterrey and Tigres were God, “said the coach of the azulcrema set.
On the other hand, Herrera ruled out that his team suffers from the same evils as previous master.
“The last tournament we did not have arrival, the last tournament, in the group, we were a very sparse team. Today the team is coming, it is not that the team is flat or has no arrival, we arrived everywhere, but unfortunately we are missing the goal. But we already have to put the batteries and be more forceful because obvious games are won with goals, “he said.
On the performance of Lainez, the louse said that the canterano left him good feelings especially for the personality he showed before the defenders from Monterrey.
“I liked Lainez, he played a great game, let’s hope he keeps repeating, let’s see. The truth is that he is responding well to the injury of Cecilio (Dominguez) in the team that everyone is fighting a position. ”
Finally, the coach of America does not point to the calendar as the main responsible for the Eagles have a present with injured players and lack of positive results.
“It’s not that it’s the League, so the tournaments and the schedules are settled, we have to adapt to them. Unfortunately if you do not arm a vast team, it is not enough. I believe that the League is doing its part well. In Europe we play like that, we can not complain about that, “he said.
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