Disclaimer of Cartes: Alicia Pucheta urges to "comply" with its ruling

Disclaimer of Cartes: Alicia Pucheta urges to "comply" with its ruling

In that sense, he explained that the failure must be met. “And the Constitutional Chamber that was integrated, in this case by the nine (ministers), of which six have said and interpreted the Constitution, is already obeyed, there is nothing to discuss,” he insisted. He clarified that the sentence resolved by the Court can not be disobeyed by the Legislative Power, “Another State power can not be attributed a competence that belongs to the Constitutional Chamber, and in this particular decision we integrated the nine ministers, at that time when I he was, and he gave his final sentence, “he insisted. For Pucheta, failures can be criticized, but they must be complied with. “This is complied with, as the commissioner for the European Union, Renate Weber, said when she came for the general elections: the judgments can be criticized, but they are respected”. The vice president participated this morning of the opening ceremony of the new building of the San Pablo Hospital. Last April, the plenum of the Supreme Court of Justice rejected four unconstitutionality actions brought by the Guasu Front, the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), the Patria Querida Party (PPQ) and the Partido Revolucionario Febrerista (PRF). In this way, he qualified the candidacies for the senators of Horacio Cartes, Nicanor Duarte Frutos and Juan Afara. Those who voted in favor of the candidates were the ministers José Raúl Torres, Antonio Fretes, Alicia Pucheta, Luis María Benítez Riera, Miryam Peña and the cameraman Carlos Escobar, who joined the Court in replacement of the inhibited Gladys Bareiro. Meanwhile, the ministers Miguel Óscar Bajac, Sindulfo Blanco and César Garay voted to admit the unconstitutional actions.

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