Launched on November 6, the site will call on independent journalists and media partners.

"Practice journalism of general interest. " The ambition displayed by the founding duo of Disclose is clear and their communication well tied. Mathias Destal, former journalist of Marianne and Geoffrey Livolsi, contributor to Mediapart, The Express and France Inter launched Tuesday, November 6, this investigative media to allow journalists to investigate for several months. "The investigation is expensive and pays little. Most newsrooms do not have the means to get a full-time reporter on a survey, let alone an entire team. ", says Livolsi.

Environmental crime, social justice, agribusiness … The topics will be decided by a volunteer editorial board of 15 journalists, including the winner of the Albert Londres Prize Anne Poiret, Jean-Pierre Canet (co-founder of "Cash Investigation" and former editor-in-chief "Special Envoy") or Benoît Collombat (France Inter).

For each survey, this committee will compose a team of independent journalists, chosen according to their specialization. They can be supported by investigators sent by a network of media partners. Because Disclose ("Divulge" in English) bet on collaborative journalism, a practice popularized by the tax evasion scandals revealed by the international consortium of investigative journalists ICIJ (LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers …). For the time being, five media have answered the call: Mediapart, Radio France, Konbini, Marsactu and Rue89 Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg.

Surveys published on Disclose website and at partners

Such an alliance is of interest for this nascent media. The surveys will be published on the Disclose site, but also among the partners who have contributed. What benefit from an audience already established, and multiply the power of these revelations. "Working with a …


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