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Discolored discoloration for hairdressers and their clients

► Why are persulfates dangerous?

Ammonium, potassium and sodium persulfate is used for its oxidation properties in bleaching and hair perming agents. According to the expertises, 'They may constitute more than 70% of the total mass of the finished product'. ANSES, whose results are corroborated by other European agencies, accuses them of causing occupational diseases. Their use is not limited only to the field of the capillary, they are also present in " the treatment of water, (…) the textile industry According to ANSES.

E171 dye banned in food products from 2020

If the dangers have been known for a long time, the agency warns about the need to replace them quickly. More than 1,100 cases of occupational pathologies due to persulphates were recorded between 2001 and 2015, of which about 98% affect hairdressers and 94% women. The product is identified as the second leading cause of occupational asthma of chemical origin, and can lead to anaphylactic shock, that is to say sudden allergic reactions of the body, sometimes fatal.

The professionals are exposed, during the application of the products, by respiratory and cutaneous way when they must dilute the powder. In the case of declared pathologies, 38% of professionals are declared permanently unfit, according to ANSES, which forces them to retrain.

For her part, Anne Dux of FEBEA's cosmetics trade union stresses that " only professionals are exposed to allergies And not the customers.

► What are the alternatives?

Given the significant presence of persulfates in products, the agency recommends that " minimize " and " as soon as possible ". It advocates improved apprenticeship training, labeling and even restrictions on use, which should be applied at European level.

Anne Dux nevertheless believes that the suppliers of the market have always respected the regulations by putting on the products labels of precautions of employment: " Many actions to prevent allergies exist ", She says, saying that" a replacement is impossible, even less by plant products that are not suitable ".

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