Discos seize the Council of State to open this summer

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For three months, the 25,000 people employed by the night sector have been in limbo. Places of many close contacts, the nightclubs seem unsuitable for the health context and respect for barrier gestures. But the bosses promise to reinvent themselves and hope to reopen from July 10, rather than September, as the government plans.

The National Syndicate of Discos and Leisure Places (SNDLL) has seized the Council of State to open this summer, according to information from Capital . The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, July 2.

What could a nightclub trip like at Covid-19 look like? One of the tracks mentioned would be to remove access to the dance floor. Party animals will have to perform their most beautiful sequences from their table.

The boss’s cry of alarm

At the bar, the order of drinks should be masked on the mouth (and nose!). Particular vigilance should be ensured by the staff on hand washing, social distancing in smoking areas. Customers may be encouraged to download the StopCovid application.

The sector represents in France a turnover of 1 billion euros, generated by 1600 companies. If the clubs do not reopen next week, it will be a massacre: it is estimated that only 400 to 500 establishments will survive, predicted from AFP Jean Roch Pedri, manager of several nightclubs.

Everyone is disoriented, not to say confused, lost, deplores Patrick Malvaes, president of SNDLL, who calls for a marshall plan for the night.



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