DISCOUNT FLOOD! Promo Alfamart 27 May-1 June 2022, Sania Cooking Oil Rp 45,500, Ceres Rp 19,500

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Tribunners, have you run out of cooking oil at home?

Maybe many people are running out of cooking oil at home.

If you are one of them and want to buy cooking oil, try stopping by Alfamart.

Alfamart sells a variety of kitchen utensils, including cooking oil.

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In addition, Alfamart also sells a variety of delicious snacks suitable for family get-togethers.

Almost every day, Alfamart issues interesting promos for its customers.

Curious about the latest promo from Alfamart?

The hanging Alfamart promo or profit payday comes again towards the end of the month.

At the latest hanging Alfamart promo from May 25 to June 1 2022, get lots of discounts.

Alfamart always provides many interesting offers every day.

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