online Shop eMAG put on the line, in the campaign of discounts Stock Busters, many laptops at affordable prices.

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On the emag.en find today numerous models that have discounts and 30 percent of the original price. Here are some of the best business that you can do today.

Discounts eMAG laptops. Top 3 deals

1. Laptop ASUS A541NA-GO180

This laptop weighs only 2 pounds, making it the ideal solution for hand-held use.

the New interface reversible USB Type-C significantly eases the connection of peripheral devices; and provides access to data transfer speeds USB 3.1 Gen 1 very high, up to 5Gbit/s.

More than the model features ports for HDMI and VGA for connecting to displays and external card reader, an Ethernet port, RJ-45 and an optical drive DVD Super Multi.

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2. Laptop Allview Allbook L

Among the many discounts eMAG to laptops is found and this model Allview.

Due to the big screen of 14”, you’ll be able to achieve concurrent multiple work tasks. The Notebook AllBook It gives you the mobility that you are looking for, without condition of the present plugs and incarcatoarelor. Autonomy AllBook It can reach up to 7 hours.

This model comes bundled with a discount of a quarter of the original price.

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3. Laptop HP 255 G6

This HP laptop, which is available from emag with a reduction of 25 percent from the original price, it is equipped with Windows 10 and the features of the units of the high-performance AMD APU.

HP Touchpoint Manager with Always On Remote Management gives users the tools and services simple, from a single cloud-based solution for data management and security.

Unit optional SuperMulti DVD+/-RW will allow you to see DVD movies and to create children’s book.

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