Discover frog moving back to two million years in Argentina

Discover frog moving back to two million years in Argentina

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Frogs prehistoric

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At a depth of 44 metres by drilling water wells in the San Pedro, 180 km north of Buenos Aires, scientists discovered its Argentinean citizens the fossilized remains of a type of frog was living in the middle of this country in South America by about two million a year, according to the agency French press.
He explained Federico iniö factors researcher at the Argentinean Institute of Natural Science Agency for the dissemination of Science in the University Data national: “we don’t know a lot about frogs pre-history”.
He added: “the frogs and toads much affected by climate and environmental change, and so constitute an important source of information to understand the products of the former”. Got discovery. Stressed researchers to scientists, palaeontologist found the “bone of the humerus object amphibian, small, very, very different from the toads and frogs stator for the trees”.
He confirmed that he has been identified on the civilized small despite its size because of Petra steps; a group of amphibians include frogs and toads enjoying the special structure at the tip of the humerus at the elbow joint. Provide a structure own ductility to the freedom of consistencies quick. Federico said iniö are: “the discovery is a significant contribution in paleontology in Argentina”.


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