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Composed of several subsidiaries, the Drouot Group is a key player in the art market.
The Hôtel Drouot, located in the heart of Paris, has been the largest public auction house in the world since 1852. 15 auction rooms are available to more than 60 auction houses. The emulation generated by an annual supply of 230,000 works of art from 21 major specialties – from Antiquity to street art – attracts some 3,000 bidders every day.
The Group’s digital platform,, offers digital sales – Live (broadcast and participation in live auctions), Online-only (dematerialized auctions) and Buy Now (sales of lots at fixed prices). Nearly 2 million items are offered by 600 auction houses.
Auction news is relayed every week by La Gazette Drouot, the benchmark weekly for the art and heritage market published by Auctionspress.

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