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Jeanne Mas turned 63 in February 2021. The singer known for her interpretation of “In red and black” has long been at the top of the charts. She now lives in the United States. Discover the place of his American retreat.

She was a big star of the song in the Eighties. All the streets and the French cabarets resounded headlines of Jeanne Mas. The singer left an indelible mark on French music. It sinks happy days in Arizona.


In 2005, Jeanne Mas realized that she was a victim of his great popularity. Eager to regain some anonymity, the singer had decided to go into exile. His choice then fell on the country of Uncle Sam.

Among the reasons that had prompted the star of the song to take such a drastic step, there was his relations with those around him. Arrived at the height of fame, Jeanne Mas had had a hard time keeping the relationships she once had.

His quest to find a normal life and simple relationships had led him to leave for America. There, the artist had managed to find a place for himself, to find new friends. These new relationships allowed him to rediscover the joy of living.

When she arrived in Donald Trump’s country, she had moved to California, then to New York. Finally, she had left her suitcases in Arizona. She had started by occupying a ranch in the middle of the desert, surrounded by scorpions and coyotes.

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Jeanne Mas | photo : Getty images

Maybe it was because of the loneliness, she had ended up looking for herself a loft near an urban community, which she shares with her 2 rabbits. The singer’s loft is composed of a patio, an open kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, an office and also a bathroom.

The bathroom is decorated in an oriental style with small white and black tiles. In the patio, the singer cultivates her love for plants, especially succulents for which she has a great admiration.

A French window allows communication between Jeanne Mas’s bedroom and the patio. In terms of furnishings, she has chosen materials that are simple and pleasant to the touch, such as velvet and linen. The predominant color in the singer is pastel blue.

In this island of peace, the singer can pursue her passion for music and cinema, while cultivating her vegan lifestyle.

Jeanne Mas | photo : Getty Images

Jeanne Mas | photo : Getty Images


One of the activities that Jeanne Mas has been doing since she moved to the United States is writing short films. It must be said that the world of music has not always done him justice.

In the ’80s, fans swore by her, and yet, keeping that authenticity that audiences loved so much hadn’t been easy. At the end of the Eighties, the singer had decided to leave the image of punkette which stuck to her skin.

The business had turned out to be very difficult. The radios rejected her records when they learned that the songs they were playing were from her. Over time, Jeanne Mas said to herself that she would have done better to change her name in order to continue his musical career.

Despite everything, Jeanne Mas has found her audience. She’s not just a singer anymore, she’s also a successful author. In 2016, she published a book called “My life is an apple”. In this book, Jeanne Mas explains the reasons why she no longer consumes meat.

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She has also written other books such as “The Awakening”, “In the Skin of a Snow White”. On the musical side, Jeanne Mas released a new album in March 2020, entitled “Love”.


When Henri Salvador died, his widow Catherine kept the house where the singer lived. 13 years after the artist’s death, discover the place where the singer composed his music.

Henri Salvador and his wife Catherine |  photo: Getty Images

Henri Salvador and his wife Catherine | photo: Getty Images


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