Discover in pictures the air force aerobatic show presented in Montluçon (Allier)

It flies for him! Florent Oddon, aerobatic pilot for the Air Force team, offered a stunning spectacle on the afternoon of this Saturday, June 18, above the aerodrome of Villars, at the occasion of the open days of the aero-club of Montluçon-Domérat (Allier).

Le show

Vertical take-off, smiley drawn in the sky with the help of smoke bombs, loops, spins or even barrel rolls… The ace of aces, whose visit to Bourbonnais is to be credited to his mechanic, originally from Montluçon, impressed the spectators present on the site. Alas, the stinging heat forced him to make only one flight instead of the two planned. But never mind, discover it here in pictures.

The other attractions

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Among the other attractions of these open doors, the visit of the Spitifre plane from the Second World War was also canceled due to the weather. No worries on the other hand for the first flights, which do take place. Just on the morning of this Saturday, June 18, the flying club undertook about sixty. Finally, let’s not forget the air force, navy and flying club stands; helicopters (Raven I, Panther) and airplanes (Jodel D112, Glasair GlaStar) on display; demonstrations of aeromodelling… In short

Ideas for outings in Montluçon (Allier) and around for this weekend of June 18 and 19, 2022

Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Cécile Champagnat