Discover New York like a local

Even after the 10th visit, it never gets boring, because there is always something to discover. Everyone knows the world-famous landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building or the One World Trade Center. We have also grown fond of the city’s many small spots – these are exactly what play the main role in this travel guide.

Loving New York arose from a private project and has meanwhile become Germany’s largest travel site on the subject of New York, behind which Steffen Kneist, Tino Schulze and Sabrina Wieser are. Sabrina moved to New York in 2014 and reports live there every day, discovers the latest trends around New York City and is always on the pulse of the city that never sleeps. Steffen and Tino are the founders and managing directors of the Hamburg-based communications agency melting elements. In addition to the website and a free app, there has recently been a travel guide.

The travel guide: authentic, personal and innovative



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