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Discover the best nutrition to keep blood sugar at bay and protect the heart

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It has never been said with scientific certainty which diet was the best for health and in particular for certain diseases. But now this uncertainty has been lifted and the best nutrition has finally been discovered to keep blood sugar at bay and protect the heart.

A composite diet

Today we talk a lot about nutrition and take into account the various tips for the figure and for health. Our body loves food balances, eating a little bit of everything but without exaggerating. It is precisely the exaggerations and wrong habits that create imbalance in our body, laying the foundations for some health problem.

There are some foods you shouldn’t overdo as this article tells us about red meat. In general, the consumption of meat must have well-regulated habits because it is one of the factors that allows the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the body.

Discover the best nutrition to keep blood sugar at bay and protect the heart

Until now, scholars lacked a certain conclusion of a diet for a correct glycemic index. The scholars carried out an evaluation of the various diets to control diabetes and published in the journal Advances in Nutrition.

According to this study, what removes the risk of type 2 diabetes is precisely a diet based on fruit and vegetables. To improve the amount of glucose in the blood, it is necessary to eat whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables. These also benefit body weight, improve plasma lipid concentrations and also have beneficial effects on blood pressure. They also reduce cardiovascular complications.

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Ancient traditions

Vegetarian diets are beginning to have more and more space in eating habits around the world. But they are also a very old tradition of India where they grew up alongside religious beliefs. Eating only the products of the earth, eliminating meat, is a diet that purifies the body and makes it suitable for the practice of yoga.

Once again, a good diet and physical activity prove to be an effective cup for health.

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