Discover the dangerous new game of chili peppers

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After the headscarf game, a new dangerous fun took place in the playgrounds. This is the hot pepper game, which never ceases to worry educators and parents.

After the (non-dangerous) fashion of hand spinner in progress, in the playground or who were in the backpacks of many college students, some have fun (at the expense of others) by adding an ingredient that can be dangerous.

This game that turns out to be dangerous

Indeed, it is more and more frequent to note that the young students fill, this harmless game, also of peppers. These very strong foods are used in a game where college kids are trying toto send the juice of the chilli into the eyes and mouth of their comrades.

Since the invention of this strange and dangerous game, three third year students from an establishment in Romilly-sur-Seine, in Aube, have been injured. Colleges are warning parents of students about this devastating game. L’Est Eclair said about these three students who had to be taken care of by the Samu: “Two of them would have deliberately crushed the spice on their cheeks, causing burns“.

Chili, the lethal weapon

Caution is therefore required with regard to this new practice, capable of severely injuring adolescents. It goes without saying that you are strongly advised against following this extremely dangerous trend.

Chili is by far one of the most aggressive foods for the human palate and stomach, when a person is not used to it. It is therefore preferable to taste it sparingly. In the meantime, if you are a chili lover, know that in 2017, a study published by the University of Vermont reports on the impact of pepper consumption on mortality, its risks and its precocity. The result ? The pepper would help us to live better. Good to know !

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