Discover the new version of “Depths of Los Angeles” by Annabel Lee by Flowers of The Moon

The unusual sound of the day is accompanied by an animated clip in black and white hues sprinkled with colors here and there, in order to best illustrate the movement and the emotion created by the song “Depths of Los Angeles” in our hearts and our ears.

An animated story against a background of Glitch Indietronica, we are immersed in the artistic universe of Flowers Of the Moon, artist and producer based in Los Angeles, who reveals his musical reinterpretation of the song “Depths of Los Angeles” by singer Annabel Lee.

Lulled by the sample of the singer’s voice, the jerky cuts of her voice give the rhythm in response to the instrumental Jazzy Hip-hop, the sound atmosphere is particular dotted with moments of sensory sound breaks.

A nice appetizer that leaves us without our hunger, how will the next one be?

In the meantime, it’s up to you to discover this little nugget by Flowers of The Moon, below:

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