Discover the photo of Edwy Plenel without his famous mustache

Discover the photo of Edwy Plenel without his famous mustache

He promised it: when his paid information site, Médiapart, reaches 200,000 subscribers, Edwy Plenel will shave his mustache. Here is the result. Ten years already. Last March, the paid information site, Médiapart, celebrated its first decade. A pride for its founder, journalist Edwy Plenel. It was when he left the world that the mustache launched the first paid online news magazine. Since then, with the help of his team, the reporter revealed numerous state scandals . As in the case of Woerth-Bettencourt, Cahuzac or the campaign accounts of Nicolas Sarkozy. In 2014, who is about to interview Emmanuel Macron in tandem with Jean-Jacques Bourdin made a strange promise to its subscribers. He has indeed certified that he would shave his mustache when Médiapart will have 200,000 subscribers . So, did he keep his commitment? No. Edwy Plenel will not wear a face without a mustache in the coming weeks. It must be said that Médiapart does not yet total its objective of 200 000 registered. ” As of December 31, 2017, the number of subscribers was 140,000 , after almost 150,000 during the presidential campaign », Written the spouse of Nicole Lapierre with satisfaction on his site . But if you want to see him without a mustache, it’s possible. Our colleagues from TV Star have tampered with a photo of the journalist so that it appears stripped of some hair under the nose . And that suits him rather well. Photo Credits: Bestimage

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