Home Health Discover what happens to your body when you mix rice and beans

Discover what happens to your body when you mix rice and beans

Have you ever wondered, What happens if you combine beans with rice? In Mexico, this grain and cereal form the basis of the diet of thousands of people.

And although it is very modest food, what they do not know, is that, by combining these foods, an amazing chemical reaction takes place.

Mixing beans with rice offers some health benefits very similar to when you eat meat, because you get a good protein level and you get a high value of amino acids, which the body requires to produce proteins.

Also eating beans with rice represents that you will obtain complementary proteins, that is, all the more than 20 types of essential amino acids that you need.

For example, many grains are deficient in lysine, a nutrient found in beans. Conversely, many beans contain only small amounts of methionine, an amino acid found in a greater number of grains, such as rice.

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Also, if you combine, the beans offer dietary fiber, a nutrient that will help you feel satisfied after eating, promotes good digestive functioning and helps control blood sugar.

To combine both foods, we suggest you prepare the fried or steamed rice and consume the beans in broth; You can also cook them as a filling for tacos, accompany them with bread or in a salad, with MSN information.

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