Discover who from Free, Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom offers the best quality of service on ADSL and fiber

Discover who from Free, Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom offers the best quality of service on ADSL and fiber

ARCEP has just published the fixed quality of service indicators for the second half of 2017. This study measures the connection delays, the failure rate and the average time to restore the fixed services, which makes it possible to establish who Free, Orange, SFR or Bouygues offers the best quality of service.
Time of commissioning
In terms of connection time without technician intervention, Free announces 50% of connections in 6 days, 95% in 17 days. The incumbent operator, Orange, displays the same number of days for 50% of the connections, but takes 2 days less to connect 95% of its lines. Free, on the other hand, is shorter than Bouygues Telecom, with delays of 8 days for 50% of the connections.

In case of intervention of a technician to connect the line, Free does less well, with a point of 20 days to connect a subscriber ADSL and just over 20 days for an FTTH subscriber.

Failure rate
ARCEP also noted the breakdown rate during the first month after commissioning. In this game, Free shows a rate of 15% incidents for ADSL. This result is better than Orange (19%) and Bouygues Télécom (16%), but it is SFR which leads with 10%.

Beyond the first 30 days, the monthly failure rate drops sharply for all operators

Which operator repairs faults the fastest?
When a failure occurs, SFR is very clearly the worst student with more than 10 days to solve 50% of the problems, in ADSL, and up to more than 40 days to solve 95% of the problems. SFR shows even poorer results on fiber and cable. This explains why there is so much dissatisfaction among SFR customers, as shown by the different studies on this subject, such as those of the UFC Que Choisir or 60 million consumers. Orange displays the best figures in reverse, with a delay of 2 days to repair a fault, whether in ADSL or fiber. On this technology Free is equal, with also 2 days, a figure that goes up to 3 days for ADSL.

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