Discovery dies, fighter who belonged to Triple A VIDEO

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Mexico City / 05/16/2020 09:01:26


The world of wrestling is in mourning. And it is that this Friday, May 15, the Antonio Corona, better known as Discovery, because he failed to beat the Cancer, a disease that deprived him of staying alive and ceased to exist in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The gladiator’s career began in San Luis Potosi, under the name of Gamma, and began to fight in the Miguel Barragan Auditorium; years later had the opportunity to make an appearance at the Cuatro Caminos Bullfighting, in CDMX, where I would pair up with Warrior force and Blue panther.

From there, the door was opened to enter the Triple A, where he adopted the name of Discovery, and was part of the quartet “The Space Cadets“, with whom he achieved an important boost in his sports career.

Immigrated to the United States

Discovery decided to withdraw from the world of the pancracy and go to live in Chicago, Illinois, where He was still linked to Lucha Libre, since he opened a school to promote young gladiators.


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