Discrepancies between election protocols and receipts scolded the CEC

Commissioners are waiting for the deadline for appealing the results to expire in order to start the case

The counting of machine receipts, which caused so much controversy during the election campaign, will only create new headaches for the Central Election Commission (CEC). The body began to receive the first signals of discrepancies between the listed notes and the election results recorded in the protocols of the polling stations. Similar problems were expected when the commission decided that the segments should be counted in all sections by machine voting. For the time being, the commissioners are cautiously waiting to wait with the case – at least until the deadline for challenging the results of the vote, that is, the end of November, expires.

At the CEC meeting on November 23, two signals received for such a discrepancy in the vote for deputies on November 14 were considered. Both affect section №244606022 in the capital’s Poduyane district (24th constituency). The signals indicate that the machine in the section has counted 103 votes for the coalition “We continue the change”. However, when counting the receipts, there were only 23 votes for the same formation. CEC Deputy Chief Rositsa Mateva, who reports the signals, suggested that all information be requested from the section commission and that an inspection be carried out.

At that moment, the microphones spoken by the commissioners were switched off, as happens regularly when they do not want to be heard. When they started working again, Mateva announced that the signals would remain for acquaintance for now. And the documentation of the section commission in question will be required after the expiration of the term for contesting the vote. It seems that one of the CEC members had proposed this step, and his colleagues had agreed.

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Who doesn’t count correctly – the machine or the people?

However, it did not pass without a dispute on the subject. The commissioners were divided into two camps – those who thought the section commission was to blame and the others who doubted the machines.

Emil Voinov (BSP), who was in the first group, pointed out that according to the protocol of the machine, the actual votes were 316. Of these, 309 were submitted for candidate lists, and the remaining seven were “I do not support anyone.” The same numbers are written in the appendix, which the section commission fills in after counting the receipts. However, there is one big difference. The appendix also records the number of receipts for each individual formation that participated in the elections. When these receipts are collected, it turns out that there are a total of 229. This is 80 fewer than those 309 receipts that the commission itself recorded at the beginning of the annex. According to Voinov, this means that the section commission made a mistake in counting.

“Before we carry out an inspection, let’s not rush to conclusions,” CEC Secretary Sevinch Solakova (MRF) told him. He added: “It is very easy to say that there is a mistake of the sectional election commission. In the end, it may be so. But we should not say it by heart, but on the basis of an inspection. “

Erhan Chaushev (MRF) also intervened. “I can tell you that there are problems in the software, by the same logic … After all, 5-6 people have counted some receipts. It cannot be said that only people are wrong. The software must also be checked, “he insisted.

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Annoyed, Voinov repeated what was written in the appendix with the counted receipts. On the one hand, the section commission reports that they have counted a total of 316 notes, and on the other hand, the receipts for all formations are a total of 229. “So it can be concluded that someone took a deck of receipts, put them in his pocket and then counted fewer votes,” he said.

What ultimately united the Commissioners was that they would do nothing at the moment.