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Discrimination. At the SNCF, the radiation that does not pass

"This fight is beyond me. I have this feeling since the first day, since July 27, 2018, I knew that the SNCF was going to hit hard. Jean-Michel Dieudonné, with his voice on the line, goes on with a great deal of energy: "In my head, I am still a railroad worker. "However, this freight dispatcher in Nancy is no longer part of the flow chart of the SNCF, permanently removed from management by management last December. And if, yesterday, gathered in a room of the National Assembly, his support committee wanted once again to bang on the table, it is that the sanction which strikes the railwayman of twenty-eight years of seniority is "Disproportionate", "unfair", "abusive" and obviously "political".

An asserted colonist and veteran activist, Jean-Michel Dieudonné was fired after an altercation in the Eastern station with a company executive last summer. A spat, nothing more, assures the interested. However, it was on the grounds of "abnormal behavior, enamelled with cries" that the SNCF justified the cancellation. And even though the complaint against Jean-Michel Dieudonné was dismissed by the courts – a complaint filed three days after the fact and without the police, present in station that day, did the least interpellation -, the direction, it persists and signs.

Solidarity that "proves injustice"

Created in Nancy in December, the railway support committee now counts "more than 2,200 members, 9 deputies and senators, 30 mayors and a hundred local elected officials," said yesterday Fabien Roussel, national secretary of the PCF and Communist deputy. A solidarity drive that "proves injustice and demonstrates that, behind this fight for the reintegration of the railroad worker, there is the broader support of the elected representatives of the entire left to the battle for railroad public service embodied, among others , Jean Michel ". For the CGT cheminots, this sanction, which "comes after a fight of more than three months against the railway reform, was for the management the occasion to carry the attack against the syndicalists, to make an example" explains Thierry Nier, deputy secretary of the federation. A management that now applies private management recipes, "humiliating and unfair, with sanctions against all those who rise to protest," said Didier Le Reste, PCF adviser in Paris.

"To highlight the situation of a man is to denounce the climate prevailing in the company SNCF," said for its part Bora Yilmaz, head of the PCF in Meurthe-et-Moselle. A deleterious climate coupled with a disdain for "employees, users and local elected officials," said Christophe Sonrel, Communist mayor of Damelevières (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Many times asked by the support committee, Guillaume Pepy remains bent. "We are talking about the broken life of a man close to retirement who finds himself condemned for his opinions," denounced Caroline Fiat, FI MP and chair of the support committee. Symptom of a "special period, where we must be very offensive to preserve our freedoms," said Céline Verzeletti, confederal leader of the CGT, the story of Jean-Michel Dieudonné requires to revive the battle against anti-union discrimination "in winning the reinstatement of the railwayman and obtaining compensation for the violation of dignity ".


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