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Home News "Discriminatory" instructions: Toubon requests inspection of police stations in Paris

"Discriminatory" instructions: Toubon requests inspection of police stations in Paris

Rights Defender Jacques Toubon asks the Minister of the Interior "An inspection of the whole" Parisian police stations, some of which have given in recent years "Discriminatory orders and instructions" particularly aimed at the homeless and the Roma.

This opinion, unveiled by the Sunday Diary, has been transmitted "for information" to the Paris prosecutor.

Jacques Toubon "Notes" only "Discriminatory orders and instructions to carry out identity checks of" black and North African gangs "in a defined sector, and systematic evictions of" homeless and Roma "were disseminated" in a district, the number of which is not specified.

These orders, instructions and mentions of service, repeated between 2012 and 2018, "Would presume" discriminatory interventions by the Protection and Relief Police Brigade (BPSP). This opinion was delivered on April 2nd.

No "precise legal framework"

These evictions "systematic (…) would be justified by a security imperative and the sheltering of vulnerable people. " But the Defender of Rights document notes "Lack" of "Findings of detrimental individual behavior", "Precise legal framework" and "Any information on the actual care of people on the street and so evacuated".

"Despite the withdrawal of the instructions in dispute, the practice of eviction of persons of Roma origin because of their sole membership in this population was observed in two police stations of tourist areas, and in any case, seems persistent and assumed by the DSPAP as useful in the fight against delinquency », adds the opinion.

The proximity security department of the Paris metropolitan area (DSPAP) is the authority under which the Parisian police stations are located.

"By following the instructions that have been in place since 2012, BPSP police officers have executed obviously illegal orders" and "This practice is likely to engage the responsibility of the prefect of police of Paris"adds the Defender.

This file is spread over several years and therefore does not question the current head of the police headquarters, says one in the entourage of the Defender of Rights.

Jacques Toubon also addressed this decision to the Minister of Solidarities and Health Agnes Buzyn and the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.




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