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Discussion about money and lack of members in the TSV Brettin / Roßdorf

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Brettin/Roßdorf – “We as the board of directors cannot do magic,” said Dr. Axel Lorenz, 1st chairman of the TSV Brettin / Roßdorf, at the annual general meeting on the tiresome subject of lawn care. Again and again criticism is voiced from the ranks of the members. It is of little use, says Lorenz, if there is scolding, rather he calls for “constructive concepts and suggestions for improvement”.

The care and maintenance of the sports facility on the northern edge of Brettin should continue to take place independently, for example through increased work assignments and Lorenz particularly addresses the football department here. The association could not afford support from an external company without increasing the contributions. They already gave reason for discussion at the meeting.

There are still difficulties with the switch to direct debit: Among other things, because many members play sports in several departments and this results in a tiered contribution or discount that is not really transparent for one or the other sports fan.

In addition, the board of directors and the department heads appealed to the association members to pay their contributions.

Contributions in corona time are important for the club

Even if in recent times no activities have been allowed to take place due to the prohibition of any kind of club sport, the sports community is more than just training and paying fees for it. The association is a after-school care center where joie de vivre, community spirit and solidarity are at home, “even in difficult times”.

In his report and also in the later discussion, the youth work of the TSV comes up, which stands out in the football department, but is increasingly causing a shortage of members in the other sections. Here, too, the non-existent club sport has cut a swath and “here we have to go on the offensive more intensely”. As an existing department, children’s gymnastics in particular is at risk, says trainer Lena Prietzel, “currently I am practicing with four children”. It could be considerably more, she says, and there were no problems up to the corona restrictions. But now many children have left the department, but no new ones have come. As a solution, she wants to offer a second training period and then children from the age of five could train.

The club currently consists of 254 active members who practice sports in six departments. The largest area in terms of numbers at TSV Brettin / Roßdorf is and will remain football. With two grass pitches, a hard court and a well-trained team of coaches, there are optimal conditions for the fight for the round leather.

The board of directors with Dr. Axel Lorenz, Christian Seeger and Rüdiger Helm.

Photo: Thomas Skiba

Once again, the stumbling block is the joint maintenance of the area and lawn.
Once again, the stumbling block is the joint maintenance of the area and lawn.

Photo: Thomas Skiba


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