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Although I didn’t want to come here, I will also write a note. Using klipper I control the worst printer on the market (according to various forums 🙂 ) Tronxy X5SA 400 2E. According to the photos, I have the feeling that the reviewed printer is no different in quality from mine. But when I do the math, the printer cost NOK 12,400 + RPi 3B (which everyone has at home anyway, but let me not eat it) – NOK 900, RPi camera NOK 190, LED backlight NOK 390, glass plate + calibration sensor NOK 1900, -. Total sum 15780,- and that’s a 400x400x400 printer, CoreXY, 2 extruders. I don’t want to praise Tronxy here (rather on the contrary, it took quite a long time for me to “teach” it to print and that was 99% caused by the lack of community around this printer), but on the contrary, it seems to me that the reviewed printer has an indefensible price, a minimal community. Klipper is nice, but should have been supplied as an “option”. I’d rather have a printer with closed software that no one will mess with, where the user won’t be able to download updates from someone other than the manufacturer’s server, etc. And if this doesn’t suit him, I’ll give him the option of Klipper, but without a guarantee of 100% functionality. How can the manufacturer guarantee the functionality of the OpenSource program if he has no control over it? And also, in my opinion, Klipper is extremely unsuitable for FTZ (Franta Printer Beginner). I really prefer the Přesu…

2023-05-30 18:53:03

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