Dislike counter restored on YouTube minutes after deletion

No, it has not been restored by the authorities the world’s largest video content sitebut by the users themselves. They considered such an idea to be harmful. Although the counter feet down will be visible to creators, but it will no longer be displayed to regular users.

The authorities wanted it this way limit hate speech and curtail the work of troll farms that deliberately clicked massively I do not like it to harm certain creators or corporations. Either way, users think it’s for sure kind of censorshipwhich is to hide the unpopularity of the content posted by advertisers.

YouTube finally he removed the paw counter down. The users didn’t like it, so very quickly restored it with a browser extension. This once again shows that technological giants they do not take into account the opinion of their users, but follow their path, the ideas of which are sometimes difficult to grasp.

So there was created an extension for Chroma and Firefox called ReturnYouTubeDislike. It’s a YouTube community project. Its members revealed that the paw down count data is not shown underneath the videos, but is still available on the API. Of course, the extension will work until this data is removed from the API. However, the community hopes YouTube authorities will not dare to remove them.

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  1. The removal of dislikes is a terrible decision for a variety of reasons.

    1. Dislikes are a great way to signal quality or lack thereof, so if you are looking for a good tutorial or instruction video where the speaker gives clear and helpful instructions, likes and dislikes allow you to easily sort through videos relating to what you are trying to find. Removing dislikes makes this process much more difficult and time consuming.

    2. Apart from the inconvenience (which is honestly enormous when you consider that billions of people use the site for such purposes every single day), it also means that extremists who only care about promoting their ideology will be given an even bigger advantage over moderates now as, unlike those actually taking the time to verify the quality of the video, they will be able to like and comment on videos that appear to support their stance at a far faster rate ensuring that partisan and extreme content which studies have already shown increase both positive and negative engagement (the only negative form of engagement after this policy is implemented being comments which also boost the amount of views a video gets as the number of comments is one of the statistics YouTubes systems take into account when figuring out which videos to promote) becomes far more popular and will contribute to increased political polarization and the acceleration of the political binary in nations where YouTube is used to any significant extent.

    3. The fact that a content creator can delete comments they don’t like means that those who don’t have the ability to distinguish between truth and fiction now lose not only the ability to look at the like / dislike bar and see if something fishy is going on but now their ability to find a comment which debunks the lies within the video are also far more difficult (even impossible if the content creator is determined enough) to find. This will lead to the spread of disinformation and clickbait and ultimately make it so that provocative content is given even more of an advantage over actual quality content in terms of what gets consumed.

    4. Apart from the issues which are created by this decision, it also doesn’t fix anything as the content creator would still be able to see the amount of dislikes if they go to look at their statistics and they can already turn off dislikes and comments as of now.

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