Disnaker Asks PT SAI Apparel Not to Lay Off Employees who Protest Overtime Pay

TEMPO.CO, Semarang – The Central Java Manpower and Transmigration Office spoke out about indications of violations by PT SAI Apparel for not paying overtime wages.

This finding emerged after a viral video which was spread on a number of social media contained a worker’s protest to his boss over the issue of not being paid overtime wages. Based on the investigation by the Manpower Office, it was found that PT SAI Apparel Grobogan violated the payment of wages.

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“We conveyed this to the company and are ready to pay the wages of the employees who have not been paid within six days since last Friday,” said Head of the Central Java Manpower and Transmigration Office, Mumpuniati, Monday, February 6, 2023.

In the findings of the Manpower Office, the company which operates in the garment industry and supplies well-known brands has not paid its employees overtime wages since October 2022. Based on these findings, the Manpower Office has ordered a re-calculation of overtime pay.

This calculation is to see the amount of overtime pay for PT SAI Apparel Grobogan employees who have not been paid. “We also ordered it to be recalculated. Today we hope to be able to send an inspection note,” he said.

Mumpuniati also warned PT SAI Apparel Grobogan not to fire employees who complained about unpaid overtime wages. “Regarding the fate of the workers in the viral video, we have conveyed that employees cannot be laid off,” he said.

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