The rumors are true – we did not see the last of Marvel's trickster god.

Disney has confirmed that Tom Hiddleston, who played the role of perfection in five Marvel Cinematic Universe films, will return as Loki in a limited series for the Disney + streaming service Collider, The series had been rumored for months, but nothing was official so far.

Loki has long been one of the most puzzling, charismatic and complex characters in the entire MCU. His short murder of Thanos in the first moments of Avenger: Infinity War It was shocking and heartbreaking for the fans, and his return – even to the small screen – is, to say the least, enthusiastically awaited.

Of course, it's not at all clear when the series falls on the MCU timeline (though Loki Has Cheated death a day or two ago), and it was not disclosed who will write, produce or direct the series. What is It is known that the project falls under the umbrella of Marvel Studios, not Marvel Television – which means that MCU guru Kevin Feige will be involved in the project. Jeph Loeb – the creative shepherd behind ABC's Marvel TV offerings, Freeform and Netflix – will not have one.

We've already heard rumors of the streaming service for a Scarlet Witch series (which will likely feature Paul Bettany's vision) and another with the insane duo of Winter Soldier and Falcon, both of which are likely to be confirmed soon Announcement. Disney + has many other plans to mine its many properties, including a series focused on them Rogue One: A Star Wars storyCassian Andor and a final season of war of stars Animated series Clone Wars,

Other confirmed projects for Disney + include series based on the Classic 2000 Hi-Fivenerable hockey franchise for kids The mighty ducksand popular Pixar feature Monster Inc.

Apparently, Disney + wants to top up its original offerings before the highly anticipated debut of the streaming service. Choosing a wide variety of choices for a diverse audience is one thing, but if the service can bring in the dollars of MCU fans, the competition could be a cause for concern. Despite Marvel Television's brave efforts, the MCU-related TV offerings were a mixed mix whose links to the film series were at best weak.

Well, not anymore. Giving fans the MCU experience on the small screen with their favorite characters from the movies is an offer that few can refuse – and fighting with one of the MCU's biggest villains (or?) Is a big hit over the Bug in the slowly building wars.


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