Disney+ is also going to significantly increase subscription prices

After Netflix previously decided to implement price changes, competitor Disney + has now announced that the streaming service will significantly increase its subscription prices. In America the price rises from 8 dollars a month to 11 dollars a month.

The number of people with a Disney + subscription has risen sharply in the past quarter, but whether this increase will continue remains to be seen. Disney + has announced that customers in the United States will have to pay more for a subscription from December 8. The price of a regular subscription increases by 3 dollars per month. Disney + has not yet provided information about price changes outside the US, but we suspect that the new prices will also apply in the Netherlands and Belgium later.

However, it will remain possible to continue to pay $ 8 per month for Disney +, but for this you will now receive a different subscription where you will see advertisements while streaming films and series. If you do not want to see advertisements, you have to pay 3 dollars more.

Disney+ welcomed 12.1 million new customers last quarter and currently has 165 million subscribers. Despite the growth, Disney + recorded a loss of no less than $ 1.47 billion in the past quarter. The company hopes to make Disney+ profitable by 2024.

via [droidapp]