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[Reiwa version uncle’s side business]Data entry of 1 yen per case & pizza delivery

Visa delivery that was unexpectedly black (Photo: Afro)

“Oh, my uncle is working in a place like this …”

In recent years, I often see “uncles” in the field of non-regular labor. Moreover, cases where so-called white-collar office workers are dispatched or working part-time have become noticeable.

45-year-old retirement age, job-based employment, and corona. As the employment situation surrounding middle-aged and older men becomes more severe, I will report on the rugged but somewhat sad appearance of uncles who start side jobs.

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(Mioko Wakatsuki: Freelance writer)

Common items of uncle wandering in “Forest of side business”

2018, when the government actively promoted side businesses, is called the “first year of side businesses.” There were beautiful words such as “diversified work styles” and “open innovation”, but in short, “I can’t expect much pensions, so I’m looking for another job.”

It’s been four years since then. Now, the uncles of the world are wandering in the “forest of side businesses”.

“I want to do a side job, but I don’t know what to do.”
“What is a side job that you can earn?”
“I want to earn even a little, but I can’t.”

The grudges of the uncles echo in the forest of the side business. There are many middle-aged and older men who struggle even if they earn 30,000 yen a month as a side job.

I have spoken to more than 20 uncles so far, but the uncle who wanders in the forest of the side business generally has the following phases.

(1) Dreamy period
Even though I want to do a side job that makes use of my experience and knowledge, I don’t know what to start with and wander the internet.

(2) For the time being
For the time being, work on questionnaire monitors and poi activities (activities to accumulate points) that are likely to earn pocket money.

(3) Creative period
I try to post blogs and videos, but the number of followers does not increase and updates are delayed. Or, even if you apply for a side job such as a web writer, you will be asked for money under the name of “training expenses” and you will be despaired by the low compensation.

(4) Reopening period
After all, I’m busy with a part-time job of manual labor with an hourly wage of around 1000 yen, where I can get cash quickly. Or, he is involved in welfare and education part-time jobs because he wants to help people, but he is frustrated by the low wages.

(5) Despair and giving up
Frustrated by the bad working conditions of the part-time job, he changes his part-time job in search of favorable conditions. Alternatively, return to the drawing (1).

Middle-aged and older men wander between (1) and (5) in search of the “correct answer” for their side business. Today, I met an uncle who was lost in the forest of a side business.