Dispute over advertising ban on abortions: SPD kinks own advance

Dispute over advertising ban on abortions: SPD kinks
 own advance

► The SPD waives Consideration for the big coalition with the union on their push to reform the advertising ban on abortions.

► The Federal Government is invited to submit a proposal, as it was called on Tuesday in coalition circles. In the Union Group I had relief over it.

► The SPD faction had originally submitted a bill repealing Penal Code Paragraph 219a. The clause criminalizes advertising for a termination of pregnancy.

more on the subject : Doctor condemned for abortion – now she’s fighting to get the paragraph abolished

That is why the SPD decision is controversial:
Especially from the opposition there was criticism of the decision of the SPD.

“The lack of profile of the SPD is progressing” said FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki , The prevention of a “legally required and socio-politically meaningful reform” was a “slap in the face of women and a kowtow to the CDU.”

The women’s political spokeswoman of the Green Group, Ulle Schauws, spoke of one “Einknicken par excellence to the detriment of women and a kneel before the Union”.

What you still need to know about the advertising ban:
With the withdrawal of the SPD, the GroKo may miss a constitutional complaint, which had considered the Union.

If a law should be passed to lift the ban, “is to consider whether we pull before the Federal Constitutional Court,” said the spokeswoman for legal affairs of the Union faction, Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker.

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