Dissecting the plan ‘Yegdrasil’ year 65, invade ‘Game’ on the ‘Metaverse’ fully.

Factors that help push the game business in the global market to be of great value Coming from new platforms for gaming business such as blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies.

entertainment content industry, especially “game” and “Animation” There is still room for serious entrepreneurial growth. especially the coming of the metaverse world “Yggdrasil Group” A new generation of game development company who are heavily aggressive in this field, see that the game market in Thailand is still possible This year, there are plans to launch two new games and Project Granddora on the blockchain platform under the theme. “Metaverse”

The game Home Sweet Home Survive is preparing to release a large update version in May, with plans to develop to play on smartphones. Meanwhile, Play-to-earn game development cooperation with Zookeeper has progressed by more than 50%.

Sarut Tubloy, Chief Operating Officer, Yggdrasil Group Public Company Limited or ASB Mention the direction of the company’s business in the year 65, which continues to grow in all business groups. Both game business and innovation Advertising and movies including animated movies

All businesses of the Company will move towards more upstream businesses. This will increase both sales and margin of the company to move higher.

Developing games on “Metaverse”

Sarut sees that the game business in year 65 will be a real thing. After Shimlang released the game Home Sweet Home Survive last year and received overwhelming response, in the future the game will be developed to play on the smartphone platform. The collaboration with Zookeeper in the development of Play-to-earn Zooracers has progressed by over 50%.

In addition, the company is developing at least two new games expected to be released this year, and is preparing to release a big surprise project, Grandora, EPIC, which will be launched on the blockchain. under the metaverse theme

“This year’s game business is considered very aggressive. Old games have evolved over time. on multiple platforms as well as preparing to develop new games to enter the market. In the past, it was considered very successful. This is reflected in the revenue of the year 64 that the gaming business has made a huge leap forward. Increased from the year 63 by 50.39 million baht or an increase of 299.4% this year, it continues to grow. Other business Both commercials and YGG animations have made their way upstream. increase our margins in all businesses As a result, the company’s financial position is stronger.”

Global gaming market hits 6.6 trillion

As he views the overall game industry in the world market with a value of up to 6.6 trillion baht, which is a factor that drives the game business in the world market is worth enormous from the game access channel with more variety There are new platforms that are involved in the gaming business such as blockchain, NFT, crypto coins Including the form of the game today has evolved to generate income. (Play-to-earn), thus attracting players of all ages. Make the game market wider and deeper This will benefit YGG’s business that grows in line with global market trends.

As for the performance in 2021, the company had total revenue of 284. million baht, an increase of 625.6% compared to 2020, resulting in a net profit of 112.1 million baht, an increase of 55.5 million baht or an increase of 98.1% compared to Year 2020 with a net profit of 56.5 million baht by game and innovation business The most outstanding growth Revenue increased 299.4%, while revenue from the animation segment grew 7.9%.

Proofread by….Suree Silawong