Dissemination of fake news: Facebook favorite of opponents of vaccination?

Facebook always stresses that it is taking systematic action against incorrect information regarding the coronavirus. But reports suggest the online network has often turned a blind eye to major opponents of the vaccine. In the United States, several attorneys general are now asking Mark Zuckerberg for explanations.

Attorneys general in 14 US states want to know via Facebook whether prominent vaccine opponents have received special treatment on the online network. In a letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, they refer to reports that the online network has made exceptions to enforcing its content rules for known users. The system that allegedly made this possible is called Cross-Check and has been causing problems for Facebook for weeks.

Attorneys General are now asking if the prominent users for whom there were exceptions to the cross-check were also anti-vaccination officers with many Facebook followers. They are particularly interested in the so-called “dozen of disinformation”. These are the few people who, according to the scans, have spread much of the misinformation about corona vaccines in the United States.

Facebook has always emphasized that the online network consistently takes action against incorrect information about corona vaccines. Prosecutors are reporting cases where contributions from opponents of vaccinations have remained on the platform – and also want to know if financial considerations played a role.

The now controversial system called Cross-Check was introduced, according to Facebook, to avoid errors when removing content. In some cases, these decisions are subject to a second review – for example, to take into account additional context or other factors such as media value.