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Distance and masks are important, but the most important factor is another

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Protective masks and distance are important, but good ventilation technology is the most important factor in reducing the risk of the new coronavirus spreading indoors, according to a German study quoted by Reuters.

Nearly 1,500 volunteers used protective masks, hand sanitizers and distance sensing devices at an indoor pop concert in Leipzig in August as part of a study to spread the new coronavirus to large groups of people.

The scientists simulated three variants with different numbers of spectators and social distance standards and created a computer model of the hall to analyze the spread of aerologists by infected virtual visitors to the concert.

“The most important discovery for us was understanding how important it is to have good ventilation technology. This is the key to reducing the risk of infection“said Stefan Moritz, head of the RESTART-19 study at the University Medical School in Halle, quoted by Trud.

The study also found that the reduction of the capacity of the hall, the presence of multiple entrances and exits, as well as the seats for the audience have a strong impact on the number of contacts with others.

Scientists recommend that food and drink be taken only by sedentary visitors, the waiting areas should be outdoors, masks to be worn during the whole event indoors and to hire stewards to monitor compliance with hygiene requirements.

According to the authors of the study, hygiene measures such as wearing masks and social distance should be observed until the end of the pandemic, and the number of visitors and seats should be determined based on the spread of the virus.

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Mass events have the potential to ignite the epidemic through the spread of pathogens, but if hygiene requirements are met, the risk is very low“, says Rafael Mikolajczyk from the Institute of Medical Epidemiology at the University Hall. The results of the study will be independently evaluated.

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