Distance learning will be mandatory. Schools will also be able to use the post office in an emergency

Distance education as a part of compulsory school attendance has not yet been regulated by Czech legislation. “If a student is not excused from distance learning, it will be the same case as if he / she did not participate in regular full-time teaching,” said Aneta Lednová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education. She added that the aim is also for schools to be obliged to provide teaching.

The alternative form of learning will be linked to a crisis situation defined by the Crisis Act or to the closure of schools by order of the Ministry of Health or the Regional Hygiene Station.

“Children, pupils and students are obliged to be educated in a distance way, with the exception of children in kindergarten, for whom pre-school education is not compulsory,” the Ministry of Education writes.

Preschoolers are required to attend kindergartens for one year. He also does not have to study at a distance in language and basic art schools.

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The Ministry does not specify the form of distance learning in the proposed amendment to the Act. “The school will adapt the way of providing education and evaluating the results of education in a distance way to the conditions of the child, pupil or student,” the draft states.

Problems occur mainly in children who do not have a computer. “I understand that if the school is unable to ensure that all children have adequate equipment, it will have to adjust its requirements in this regard,” said Michal Černý, chairman of the Association of Primary School Principals, adding that teachers may is mailed.

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The head of the department, Robert Plaga (YES), also admits that distance learning will take various forms. “It will depend on the equipment of schools and the economic possibilities of the pupils’ families,” he said. “It is not a matter of establishing a uniform method, but of enabling distance education in the event of an emergency or emergency measures by the Ministry of Health,” he added.

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The Minister is aware that sending tasks by post is not an ideal solution. “We are negotiating with the Ministry of Finance to provide a subsidy to schools for the purchase of computer equipment, software and internet connection, not only for teachers but also for needy students,” Plaga said, adding that only primary schools could receive up to 1 .5 billion crowns.