Distress in Moquegua due to the work of Cuban doctors promoted by Minsa Peru

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The first week of June, a Peruvian Air Force flight arrived from Cuba with 85 doctors and nurses from that country. The Government announced that the doctors were sent to four regions of the country. However, several weeks later an authority of Moquegua He denounced that none of the arrivals have the specialty to attend seriously ill patients.

Some 16 Cuban brigadistas were assigned to Moquegua. Another 16 workers to Ayacucho. 27 doctors, nurses and technicians traveled to Áncash. And the last 26 members of the Cuban medical brigade traveled to Arequipa.

In the last days, the regional councilor of Moquegua Luis Caya Salazarrevealed that of the 16 professionals from Cuba who are in Moquegua, none can enter the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), because they do not have the specialty to treat these critically ill patients.

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In the regional portal El Puerto Noticias, Caya reported that the delegation of doctors only six are doctors, of which one is an internist and the rest are general practitioners. The rest are nursing technicians and nurses. None of the aforementioned has the knowledge to enter the ICU.

According to the agreement signed by the Minsa with Havana, to which it agreed Perú21 days ago, the doctors who arrived in the country are “specialists in intensive care, internal medicine, pulmonology, epidemiology and other specialties”.

Agreement of the Minsa with the Cuban government.
Agreement of the Minsa with the Cuban government.


The UN Special Rapporteurships on contemporary forms of slavery and human trafficking, in a report last November, warn that Cuban medical missions would amount to forced labor.

“We would like to express our concern about the working and living conditions that would be affecting Cuban doctors sent abroad to provide their services. Many would be exposed to exploitative working and living conditions, inadequate wage payments ”, says the UN. In addition, many of these professionals would be under pressure and follow-up by the Cuban regime, he adds.


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