Distribution of Urea for fertilizers: when will it be and how to apply

Andrés Alencastre, Minister of Agricultural Development and Irrigation, spoke about the distribution of nitrogen fertilizers (urea). A distribution that will be made close to the month of August and that will have as a distinction the agricultural units that are less than five hectares.

“The purchase process has already been finalized and we are finishing the logistics with all the corresponding registration so that, before the first weeks of August, we can start distributing this fertilizer”commented the minister. Likewise, he specified that in addition to urea, there is guano from the island and organic fertilizers for farmers.

In order to receive it, farmers must be registered in the Register of Agricultural Producers (PPA). The amount destined for distribution, of 348 million soles, will acquire 73,000 tons of urea for small producers.

“We are applying a joint policy for crop fertilization, which is consistent with the quantity, provision and availability of irrigation water, with a concept of recharge and infrastructure for multiple-use water”Andres Alencastre pointed out.

The first shipment is expected to arrive in Peru in the second half of July. Given this, there will be a joint effort between Midagri’s technical teams and local and regional governments to carry out this type of project.

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