District of Borken awards “Honorary Medal of Sports” |

District of Borken awards “Honorary Medal of Sports”
Successful athletes are honored / honor for the best coaching performance / registration deadline is November 30th or December 31st, 2022

The district of Borken has shown its sporting side again in the current calendar year, despite corona-related restrictions. Numerous outstanding athletes shone on the national and international stage. Therefore, the district of Borken will again award the “Honorary Medal of Sports” to the best among them in the coming year. The Department of Education, School, Culture and Sport of the district administration, Burloer Straße 93, 46325 Borken, accepts proposals for the award until November 30th. The committee for culture and sport of the district council then decides who will receive the medals of honor this time.

Those who have won a place on the podium at German Championships, European Championships, World Championships or Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Special Olympics can be nominated for the “Sports Medal of Honour”. Suggestions for athletes from individual and team sports are taken into account. The prerequisite is that they live in the district of Borken or start for a club in the district.

In addition to the athletes, the district of Borken also honors the trainers who have contributed significantly to the reputation of the district of Borken through their work in (national and international) top-class sport or who are involved in the educational and educational mandate in the sense of the “Pact for Sport”. have earned sustainably. Proposals from sports clubs and city and community sports associations are requested by the end of the year. After that, the committee for culture and sport of the district council will also decide on the award of the medal of honor for the best coaching work.

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The awards will then be presented by District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker as part of a festive event next spring.

The registration documents for the “Honorary Medal of Sports” and for the proposals for “Coach of the Year” as well as further information are available from the Borken district administration from Monika Oenning on Tel. 02861/681 4206.

District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker awarded the local top athletes, teams and coaches of the year 2021 with the “Honor Medals of Sports of the Borken District”.


Borken County Medal of Honor for Sports


Source: Borken district