District of Goslar: Dangerous substance detected in elementary school students

Goslar. in a circle Goslar a study was carried out because of the Harz mining past.

That’s why blood was drawn from elementary school students – half of the samples are in a circle Goslar a carcinogenic substance has been detected.

District of Goslar: THIS substance has been detected in elementary school students

Around half of the elementary school students in the Goslar area have elevated lead levels. This emerges from a report published by the district of Goslar on Wednesday. The results are no cause for concern, said District Administrator Alexander Saipa (SPD).

According to the study, the lead level in 48 percent of the primary school children examined in the towns of Oker (Goslar city) and Harlingerode (Bad Harzburg) is above the national limit. For comparison: Nationwide, an estimated five percent are above the limit in this group.

Study also examines cadmium levels in the Goslar district

Cadmium exposure was also examined. This was three percent above the corresponding reference value. For adults, the two numbers were twelve and seven percent. 89 elementary school students and 124 adults took part in the study. “In adults, lead is more difficult to detect in the body,” said a spokesman for the district.


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A high exposure to lead can, among other things, increase the risk of cancer. “In healthy people, however, the health risk from these results is relatively low,” said the spokesman. Above all, the results would show that the measures taken to date to reduce lead must be continued. Among other things, there are recommendations in polluted regions not to plant and eat strawberries or potatoes.

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District of Goslar: Lead exposure in children is declining

The study also shows that exposure to lead in children has fallen by 90 percent since 1980, for example as a result of the remediation of contaminated sites.

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In addition to residues from mining, the high level of lead pollution could also be due to old lead pipes, it said. The district therefore offers the study participants a drinking water test. (jko/dpa)