Disturbing information about Bruce Willis. It’s very bad with him

Bruce Willis in recent years, he has somewhat disappointed the expectations of his fans. He played in less demanding productions that were not always highly rated. Over time, it turned out that the actor had to stop climbing to the heights of his career – all because of health obstacles. Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia. Problems with memory and articulation made it difficult for the actor to focus on the roles, and the disease progressed.

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Bruce Willis is going through a tough time

On March 30, 2022, electrifying information reached the fans of the actor – Bruce Willis ended his career and retired. The reason for this and no other decision was progressive aphasia.

The disease manifests itself in speech fluency and comprehension disorders, or a problem with pronouncing words. Some patients also experience memory problems.

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Bruce Willis

His friend Sylvester Stallone spoke about Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, he gave some rather disturbing information. The condition of the sick actor is not improving.

Bruce is going through a very, very hard time. That is why he is in seclusion. Not being able to talk to him is literally killing me. It’s terribly sad – said Stallone in an interview with the journalist “THR”.


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