Disturbing news from Zakopane! Górniak conveyed something shocking!

Edyta Górniak She has been living in Zakopane for months, where she hid in a mountain hut to wait out the pandemic that was spreading around the world.

Apparently, the neighbors welcomed her very pleasantly, although they probably did not expect that they would deal with such a spiritual person.

“Such a star in the Tatra Mountains is a reason for pride and respect for us. It is beautiful that she wanted to live with us” – said an employee of the Polish Highlanders Association in an interview with “Życie na Gorało”.

It soon turned out, however, that the diva is one of the zealous opponents of vaccination and does not shy away from preaching conspiracy theories. Recently, she was outraged that planes sprayed “fox spray” over our country, the purpose of which is to poison people.

Earlier, she was to perform with Viola Kołakowska at the “Puls Nowej Ziem” festival, where she was to be one of the speakers. However, the meeting was not very popular, so it was decided to move it to another date.

There Edzia was supposed to tell, among others about how to prepare for life in the New World. The old man’s time is apparently running out …

This time, Edyta posted another warning in the middle of the night. After leaving the masseuse, she was terrified by the sight she found outside. A lot of snow has fallen in the mountains, which does not happen very often at this time.

The star recorded a video showing snow-covered roofs of houses and a buried car. She immediately assessed it with a professional eye and decided that a severe winter awaits us.

“Listen, I went for a massage, I left and that’s the situation. Stock up, I tell you, it will be a strong winter” – warns the weather expert.

Apparently, early snow in the Tatras heralds a frosty winterbut you can’t be sure of too many things these days …

However, we do hope that the prophecies of Edzia will not come true …

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