Dito Mahendra’s Party Opens Up After Nikita Mirzani Becomes a Suspect

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Dito Mahendra opened his voice after artist Nikita Mirzani was named a suspect in a defamation case.

It is known, Dito Mahendra reported Nikita Mirzani to the Serang City Police, Banten on charges of defamation.

Dito Mahendra’s party opened his voice when he fulfilled the call for the Serang City Police for mediation or peace efforts on Friday (24/6/2022), night.

On that occasion, Dito Mahendra’s lawyer, Luvino Siji Samura, said that his party did not close the peace efforts with Nikita Mirzani.

However, his party still hopes that the legal process against Nikita Mirzani will be enforced.

“I hope that here as a legal adviser to the complainant, law enforcement against the reported party is really (done),” he said, quoted from

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Lawyer Dito Mahendra (DM), Luvino Siji Samura SH MH, reporter Nikita Mirzani visited the Serang City Police Headquarters (Mapolresta), Friday (24/6/2022) night. ( reported, in the mediation effort facilitated by the Serang City Police, Nikita Mirzani’s side did not attend.

“We have been waiting for the reported party, sister NM or her attorney maybe, have not attended the summons from fellow investigators from the Serang City Police,” said Luvino.

“So that there is no doubt for the community, in carrying out activities in the community well. I hope there is justice for the complainant,” he said.

Luvino admitted that he did not know the reason why Nikita Mirzani or his legal representative was absent from the mediation effort.