Division and confusion among Facebook employees.. the fire of leaks did not subside

It seems that the storm left by the testimony of former Facebook employee, Frances Hogan, did not abate despite the passage of more than a week since her testimony before Congress, and despite the fact that the social media giant reduced what the brave lady leaked.

The founder of the famous platform, Mark Zuckerberg, held a discussion session with his employees in order to allay their concerns, and to downplay the importance of the “leaked” statements.

Zuckerberg’s attempts

Zuckerberg spent about 20 minutes last week trying to refute everything Hogan leaked without mentioning her name, according to recording documents of the said meeting obtained by the New York Times.

He also stressed that some of what the former employee confirmed is very easy to deny, and to prove otherwise.

Protesters criticize Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg (AFP)

However, these statements did not seem to reassure the company’s employees. Over the past days, its corridors have witnessed unprecedented activity by its officials in order to allay the fears of more than 63,000 workers who questioned, in varying degrees, the goals of Facebook.

Alert among officials

In an attempt to cover the dust left by Hoganen’s testimony, especially what she said about the company’s involvement, or at least knowledge of its negative impact on children, and the internal documents it provided that showed that Facebook’s services actually harm some children’s self-perception, as well as incitement to human trafficking, executives at The giant company held several internal events and direct meetings with employees. They also held emergency briefing sessions and sent several memos, according to what one of the leaked circulars revealed, as well as interviews with about ten current and former employees.

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In addition, one of the memos revealed that Facebook officials provided information and guidance to employees on how to respond if “friends or family asked them questions about recent events that affected the company.”

  Mark Zuckerberg (AFP)

Mark Zuckerberg (AFP)

It is noteworthy that many employees of the most famous communication sites at all had previously expressed their support for what Hogan said, and some of them even described her as a heroine.

And the testimony of the former employee before Congress was a strong blow to Facebook, despite the latter’s denial of the validity of what was stated in it.

However, Hogan confirmed that she had documents proving the company’s famous presentation of its financial interests at the expense of users, especially children, and confirmed that it had misled everyone and was aware of this.

Meanwhile, calls rose by many US senators to investigate and hold Facebook accountable.