Divorce of the year in Romania. Nicolae Guță separates from his wife. Everything is clear

Nicolae Guță decided: he is separating from his wife. It’s the divorce of the year in Romania, the coronavirus pandemic has put a lid on both of them!

Nicolae Guță separates from Cristina, his wife

After the relatives told that the relationship between Nicolae Guță and Cristina was extremely tense in a state of emergency, there are rumors about a possible divorce. The famous manele singer would have decided to break up with the woman who gave birth to a baby boy last year. It seems that the two no longer even communicate with each other. The reasons for the imminent separation would be the increasingly frequent misunderstandings and quarrels.

“It simply came to our notice then. When Nicolae Guță goes to see her child, Cristina leaves, she doesn’t change a word. He leaves her some money, because she is very careful that the little one doesn’t miss anything. But he doesn’t change a word, nor does he greet each other. When they stay together for more than 5 minutes, a monster scandal comes out. More than once it was necessary to intervene so that he would not beat her.

Their situation is worse than ever, especially since, this time, the one who wants to divorce is Nicolae himself. He says that he is too stressed with such a woman, that he wants to calm down and that he does not want to see her again. To offer her a divorce, he offered to take the child, and she told him she would think about it. Nicolae is willing to pay as much as possible, just to get rid of stress. Nobody has seen Cristina near Guță since she started singing. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t even think about having a relationship with Cristina “, said a close friend, according to Wowbiz.ro.

Divorce of the year in Romania.  Nicolae Guță separates from his wife.  Everything is clear
Divorce of the year in Romania. Nicolae Guță separates from his wife. Everything is clear

Nicolae Guță and Cristina got married last year

The marriage of the two was not to be “forever” because, just one year after their marriage, they are preparing for divorce. Cristina became, in June 2019, the mother of Edan, the twelfth child of the manele singer, and the scandal between them started when Nicolae asked for a paternity test.

“She really wants to take a paternity test. He did the same with Madalina and Anais (Beyonce from Romania and her daughter), and Cristina has some bad suspicions. Naturally, a monster scandal broke out. Nicolae heard rumors that Cristina was also engaged to another manelist, when they were separated “, the source added.

Nicolae Guță has 12 children with six different women, and all his relationships ended in great scandal. Despite everything, the manelist still has many admirers.

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