Divorced when sick, this artist married a Turkish Caucasian, IVF Miscarriage, again attacked by cancer

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – Non -stop testing is approaching this one beautiful artist.

After a long hiatus from the entertainment world in the country, this artist turned out to be sick.

He also had to undergo a series of treatments for the disease.

In the midst of illness that approached, she found happiness with the presence of a man in her life.

Not only that, he also had a difficult life.

Before becoming an artist, this woman had worked as a household assistant (ART) for two years.

He had experienced the bitterness of being an ART because his salary was paid late.

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Love Penelope (Screenshot Youtube PENELOPE PRODUCTION)

The figure of the artist in question is Cinta Penelope.

Luckily, his career in the entertainment world had made his life better.

In the midst of his pioneering career, he actually accepted the trials of life.

Haven’t heard from you for a long time, this is Cinta Penelope’s latest life, which is again hit by bad news.

1. Divorced when sick

Having been away from the entertainment world for a long time, Cinta Penelope turned out to be sick.

The 38-year-old singer was diagnosed with stage three cancer in 2019.

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