DJ Tiesto has to pay millions to ex partner!

the name of this ex-partner is certainly etched in the memory of Wesley and Yolanthe…..

It is known that DJ Tiesto, stage name of Tijs Verwest, invests a large part of his money in real estate. His assets are estimated at around 120 million euros.


But there are certainly several millions that Tiesto had to pay to his ex-partner. Why? Tijs already did business in 2017 with Jeroen Nuijten, director of a construction company from Etten-Leur.

Together they bought real estate, so that each owned half. They bought in Etten-Leur, Roosendaal and Hoeven. for a considerable amount. Naturally, the properties have increased in value over the years.


Known neighbors discovered that the collaboration between Tijs and Jeroen Nuijten has come to an end. Tijs has taken over all the real estate in his name and had to pay his ex-partner 50% of the value.

Unfortunately, the deed does not state how much money is involved, but it is certain that millions of euros are involved. Jeroen Nuijten will certainly sound familiar to a number of people. Beats. He was once in conflict with Yolanthe Cabau Kasbergen and Wesley Sneijder.

It then concerned the renovation of the villa in Ibiza. Yolanthe eventually decided to work with another builder, but Jeroen claimed that she still had to pay the bill of about 140,000 euros in costs he would have incurred.

In the end, the judge had to intervene and he agreed with Yolanthe and Wesley. However, they had to pay 21,000 euros in special costs. In any case, Nuijten has now received millions from Tiesto.