Djokovic’s spectacular message to Medvedev on social networks

Novak Djokovic wanted to pay tribute to his rival in the final of ATP Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy 2021, with a message published on his social networks in which he reveals his great relationship with the Russian and values ​​his genuine personality on and off the field very positively. “What I like the most about Daniil is his commitment to being true to himself at all times. He is authentic and original, he does not care what others say or think, but he acts based on his heart, he maintains control of his mind and all his actions are in line with his ethical values. When I see people like him, who embrace his identity and work hard to improve every day, I know that greatness awaits them. I am looking forward to meeting you again. You are a great rival and I know you will not make it easy, “said the Balkan.