DKI Bina Marga Affirms Widening of Sidewalks is Not the Cause of Traffic jams


Head of the DKI Jakarta Bina Marga Service, Hari Nugroho, stated that the construction and widening of the sidewalks are not the culprits of traffic jams. In principle, sidewalk widening is necessary to maintain lane consistency.

“No (widening the sidewalk is the culprit for the traffic jam). So we have to understand, we are making the sidewalk to be consistent with road lanes,” said Hari Nugroho when confirmed, Friday (18/11/2022).

Hari gave an example, in the Cikini area for example. Prior to the sidewalk revitalization, the road lanes were inconsistent. This condition causes traffic congestion in the area.



“Like Cikini, it’s 2.5. Yes, we are consistent with only 2. But the rest is half as a sidewalk. It’s good. It’s still 2 lanes, instead of 2 it’s fat. It’s better 2 but it fits and gets sidewalks,” he explained.

In addition, the construction of sidewalks can prevent narrowing of the lane (bottle neck) due to lane inconsistencies that lead to congestion. He also guaranteed that this activity would not interfere with road needs.

“No. Actually, we just made the bottleneck, three, three. Two, two. So why are we thinking about making the roads smaller, no? Indeed, we are thinking that in the future, in a global city, we will prioritize sidewalks,” he said.

“(For example) from 4 to 3, it’s a bottle neck. We’ll make it consistent with all 3,” he added.

In 2023, his party has budgeted Rp 171 billion for the construction of sidewalks. Later, the sidewalk design will be a complete street.

“Complete Street means yes, at least 3-4 meters. Then we use complete street, yes palai bolar or guiding block or something else,” he said.

The construction of sidewalks is focused on a number of areas, including Jalan Mangga Besar, Gunung Sahari Raya, the area around the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). Then, Mangga Dua Raya, Matraman Raya, part of the Daan Mogot road, Mas Mansyur North segment. In addition, the sidewalks on a number of roads will be equipped with bicycle lanes.

“Our own bicycle path is like the one in Pecenongan Juanda, that’s there. Mas Mansyur also has a bicycle lane, so we build a bicycle lane, the sidewalk is almost 2.2 kilometers long. In essence, if the sidewalk is possible, we will build a bicycle lane ,” he added.

As previously reported, the Chairperson of Commission D DPRD DKI Jakarta Ida Mahmudah views that an in-depth study of sidewalk construction needs to be carried out so as not to cause traffic jams. The reason, he said, is that many sidewalk widening projects in Jakarta actually reduce road volume.

“Our emphasis is that there must be a concept that making sidewalks can be effective and not create traffic jams,” said Ida Mahmudah in a written statement, Thursday (17/11/2022).

The PDIP politician said that the budget for the construction of hundreds of billions of rupiah for sidewalks would be allocated to support a number of integrated transportation areas. After they were all awakened, he reminded that the DKI Satpol PP should carry out the sidewalk monitoring function.

“This is one of Commission D’s recommendations that Bina Marga must work together with Satpol PP to put things in order. So return the sidewalks to their original function. I will convey this at the Banggar meeting later,” he explained.

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